Bridges Home Live on Spokane Public Radio Broadcast from the Fall Folk Festival

Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013

Bridges Home is unique in the folk music community in the Spokane/ North Idaho region.  They bring to the table many things that characterize good local folk music:  passion for their material, arranged harmonies and instrumentation, an interest in more than one genre of traditional music, and comfort with performing in public.  But Bridges Home brings so much more.  

Dave and Tami Gunter draw on a much deeper source of musicianship, vocal technique, and performing experience. When they sing harmony and smile at each other, it's as if they just met backstage, fell in love, decided to perform together, and magically created this arrangement just a few minutes ago, and they are incredibly excited at sharing this new-found connection with the listener. It's that immediate.

They also bring this level of musicianship to the different instruments they use.  It would be adequate to merely pick up a new instrument, learn a few chords, and strum along to add a different sound to their tunes, but Dave and Tami really learn these things and, more importantly, truly arrange the songs around the instruments.  On "Shendandoah," for example, they alternate between the bouzouki and ukulele for harmony, melody, and unison lines, letting each sing with its own native voice.  

And they do with the instruments what they do with their vocals. It almost seems as if Dave JUST learned to play banjo, or Tami JUST picked up the ukulele last week, and they want so much to share this newfound love with you.   In music, it's difficult to be able to keep this love of what you do alive and not get jaded.

And that edgy love permeates their live performances.  They are just so genuinely happy to be in this room, on this stage, with this instrument, singing this song, and euphoric to be standing next to each other, sharing this experience with each other, the room,  and with you.  It's hard to not be awed at their singing, their material, their playing, and their love for what they do. 

             – Carlos Alden/Host on Spokane Public Radio, KPBX-FM